02 Basic Mixes for Meat Products

Blanca But

Burger meat c. natural

Preservative and antioxidant for the meat mass, Absorbs up to 20% of water added, Provides a perfect finish to meat products.WITHOUT COLOURING.

Burger meat colour


CATAGLON develops preservative and antioxidant properties in Meat Bind products (York Ham , catalonia sausages, etc…).

Frepage colour

Preservative and antioxidant. Used for cured sausages, Burger-meat (if adding 4% of toal weight) and other products made from fresh meat.

Frepage natural

FREPAGE NATURAL develops preservative and antioxidant properties for burger-meat and sausages.


FULONSALCH is a basic mix for Fuet, Longaniza, and other cured or dried sausages (it can act as a basic mix for cured Chorizo).

Salloha colour

For elaborating fresh sausages and Burger-meat; preservative , antioxidant plus providing a nice taste, colour and texture

Salloha Natural

Preservative and antioxidant properties apart from providing a nice taste and texture (due to water absorption); for elaborating fresh sausages and Burger-meat
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