Blanca But

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Its purpose is to provide the meat product (sausages, or other boiled products…) with a nice consistency different spices flavour as well as good colour and aroma, so it enhances good appearance, perfect hygiene and preservation.

Contains SALT.

Its use is complies with EU regulations (89/107/CE, 95/2/CE, 96/85/CE, 98/72/CE and 2001/5/CE).


At moderate temperature; white powder, free of odour and flavour.


Use 40 grams of this product per every 1000 grams of product to be prepared.


Add it to the meat mass, directly or previously solved in water –as a paste-, then mix and knead well.

After stuffing it into casing, proceed to boiling phase between 70 and 75ºC; in products with blood, 75 and 85ºC

It is advised to leave it on the fridge for some hours before packing, so that the meat reaches full aroma.

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