Chorizo mixed

Ref.: 1012   Complete blend, mixture o spices and additives, for the production of chorizo.

CHORIZO CONDIMENTO is a complete blend, mixture of spices and additives, for the production of Chorizo fresh or cured.

It is especially indicated for the elaboration of every kind of Chorizo. It provides the meat mass the adequate consistence, texture, taste ,aroma and colour, and guarantees a clean, good-looking product.

Its use is complies with EU regulations (89/107/CE, 95/2/CE, 96/85/CE, 98/72/CE and 2001/5/CE).


At moderate temperature; reddish powder, with its own odour and flavour (red pepper like).


5% based on total content. (50 grams per kilogram of product to be treated)


Starting from minced meat of pork, beef and/or poultry, mix and knead the above mentioned dose with the meat mass.

Then leave it repose at 3ºC for 24 or 36 hours, after that period stuff it on the casing and leave it hanging until it loses the excess of humidity. At that moment it can be served as “Fresh Chorizo”.

It can also be let to dry completely (as a salami) until it is cured.

To avoid over drying, it is advised to use 308 OIL BASED PAPRIKA (Sweet) before the mixing.


This product is packed in 1, 5 and 25 Kg. bags.

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