Ref.: 607   Emulsifier for cured and half cured products, providing a gelatine feel.

ECHE’L performs as absorbing, gelifiant and emulsioning product. It is designed to thicken fresh, half-cured and cured meat products. It also enriches the content of proteins to cooked or boiled meat products.

In fresh and cured meat products helps to keep the natural liquids of the meat, this means keeping its own humidity levels, while keeping it elastic and jelly in order to make its cutting easy.

It can be said that 1 Kg. of ECHE’L absorbs 4 Kg. or litres of water, and the meat mass is still compact.

Among the main performances of ECHE’L; it has been observed that in case of overdose, the meat mass can cope well with it, and stays elastic and does not get “muddy” as long as it all is kept at low temperature.

Its use is complies with EU regulations (89/107/CE, 95/2/CE, 96/85/CE, 98/72/CE and 2001/5/CE).


At moderate temperature; white powder, odour free, flavour free.


There is no limit for its dosage, but the following can be observed as orientation:

 -  In meat products with no water added; it is advised to between 1% and 20% based on total content. (10 or 20 grams per kilogram of product to be treated)

-  In meat products with up to 10% of water added; it is advised to between 2% and 3% based on total content. (20 or 30 grams per kilogram of total product to be treated)

-  In case of “chorizo”, or wherever meat mass has a high content of fat and so admits up to 20% of added water, it is advised to between 40 and 60 grams per kilogram of total product to be treated.


The indicated doses of powder can be added directly to the meat mass. Then mix well.

If water is added to the meat product, water has to be added after the addition ECHE’L.

ECHE’L can also be added solved in water, as a paste with which knead and mix well with the meat mass.


This product is packed in 5 and 25 Kg bags.


To be kept under cool, dry and dark conditions.

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