Ref.: 618   Emulsifier, contains 34% protein.

FLAGE acts as absorbing and gelifiant agent. Especially indicated for fresh meat products as sausages, hamburgers as well as Frankfurters and smooth pastes as York Ham, etc…emulsifier and quality improver as well as fat antioxidant. It consists of a blend of fully hydrogenised vegetable oils and antioxidants.

FLAGE holds up to 10 times the added quantity in water


At moderate temperature; white powder, odour free, flavour free.


There are no limits for its dosage, as a guide the quantities are:

- For Fresh Meat Products: between 1% and 2% (10 and 20 grams per kilogram of meat and water mass.)

- For Frankfurt sausages, Pâtés, etc…: between 1% and 4% (10 and 40 grams per kilogram of meat, water and phosphates and starch)

- For Meat Cakes and York Bars; between 2% and 10% (20 and 100 grams per kilogram of meat, water and phosphates and starch)

- For (cooked) Ham:  between 1% and 2% (10 and 20 grams to apply on injection brine


No need of previous mix in water, just add the powder directly to the meat mass. If there is water added to the product, add FLAGE prior to the addition of water.

In any case, FLAGE can be solved in water to create a paste that will be mixed when kneading the meat mass.

In case of overdose the meat mass stays elastic (does not become “muddy”) as long as it is kept cold.


This product is packed in 5 and 25 Kg bags.


To be kept under cool, dry and dark conditions.

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