Fuet catalán

Ref.: 1018   Mixture of spices and additives to elaborate Fuet (Catalan style dried sausage).

1018 FUET CATALAN is a complete blend, mixture of spices and additives, for the production of fuet (Catalan style dried sausage) It provides the meat mass the adequate consistence, texture, taste ,aroma and colour, and guarantees a clean, good-looking product.


At moderate temperature; pink powder, with its own odour and flavour.


30 grams per kilogram of product to be treated.


Add the indicated dose of this product to the food mass, directly or previously solved in water –as a paste- and mix and knead the meat mass. It is recommended to repose at 3ºC for 36 or 48 hours before stuffing.

There are two possible processes of drying:

-For strong flora on surface:          at 12-17ºC temperature and 80-95 Hg humidity.

-For not strong flora on surface;    at 14-22 ºC temperature and 60-70 Hg humidity.


This product is packed in 1, 5 and 25 Kg bags.


To be kept under cool, dry and dark conditions.

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