Mayonese powder

Ref.: 1100   Ready to use powder to produce Mayonese; just add water first and then sunflower oi. Avoids usage of egg, to guarantee hygien and preservation. Apt for freezing.

MAYONESE POWDER consists of a complete product to produce Mayonese Sauce in a fast and easy way.

By avoiding the usage of egg and its derivates, hygiene and healthiness of the product is guaranteed; once the sauce is ready, it lasts up to 72 while refrigerated at 3 o 5 ºC without suffering any change on its consistency or feel.

Especially indicated for frozen products, as texture or consistency remains unchanged after defreezing.

Does NOT contain SALT.


At moderate temperature; white powder, with its own odour and flavour.


Use 15 grams of MAYONESE POWDER per every 100 grams of oil and 150 grams of water.


·         First, mix well the above mention dose with the adequate quantity of oil (sunflower oil or olive oil).

·         Once the solution is uniform or homogeneously mixed, add water while keeping the mixer on until the desired consistency or texture is reached.

·         Finally, season it with your final touch: salt, lemon, vinegar…

MAYONESE POWDER is fully compatible.


This product is packed in 1, 5 and 25 Kg. bags.


To be kept under cool, dry and dark conditions.

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