Moruno curry

Ref.: 1035   Complete spice blend for Spanish stile meat dice seasoning. Yellow.

MORUNO CURRY is a mixture of spices and additives, that reminds of Arab flavours.

It is especially indicated for the elaboration of pre-cooked recipes, fresh spiced meat products and sauces. It provides the food a nice curry taste, with the related colour and aroma, as well as it performs as preservative that guarantees a clean, good-looking product.

Its use is complies with EU regulations (89/107/CE, 95/2/CE, 96/85/CE, 98/72/CE and 2001/5/CE).


At moderate temperature, yellowish powder, with its own odour and flavour.


4% based on total content. (40 grams per kilogram of product to be treated)


The indicated dose of powder must be added, directly or solved in water or oil (as a paste), to the meat mass. Then mix well.

If possible, it is advisable to leave it macerate for 24 hours.


This product is packed in 1, 5 and 25 Kg bags.


To be kept under cool, dry and dark conditions.

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