Salloha colour

Ref.: 209   For elaborating fresh sausages and Burger-meat; preservative , antioxidant plus providing a nice taste, colour and texture

SALLOHA COLOR develops preservative and antioxidant properties apart from providing a nice taste and texture (due to water absorption).

Its use is authorised according to EU regulations (89/107/CE, 95/2/CE, 96/85/CE, 98/72/CE and 2001/5/CE) for elaborating fresh sausages; and Burger-meat if adding 3.5% of cereals or vegetables.

This product allows the absorption of up to 20% of water added to the meat mass.

It contains colorants.


At moderate temperature; pink powder, odour free, flavour free.


1% based on total content. (10 gram per kilogram of product to be treated)


 Add the powder directly or solved in water (as a paste), then mix and knead well and proceed to conform sausage or desired shape.

According to EU regulation, when elaborating Burger-Meat, it is necessary to add cereals or vegetables, up to a of 3.5% total weight of meat.


This product is packed in 1, 5 and 25 Kg bags.


To be kept under cool, dry and dark conditions.

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