Our GUTEX range consist of natural powdered ingredients to season all kinds of snacks, giving them the perfect aroma, free of allergens and without artificial flavor enhancers.

  • Gutex: Spices Mixes and Flavouring Natural Aromas.
  • Gutex-Sobrasada:  Spices mix with ‘sobrasada’ taste.
  • Gutex.Chorizo:  Spices mix with ‘chorizo’ taste.
  • Extura:  Yeast Extract for enhancing the product flavours.
  • Gutex-Humo:  Liquid smoke.
  • Gutex-Mediterranea:  Spices mix with typically Mediterranean taste.
  • Gutex-Chimichurri 327:  Spices mix with traditional Argentinean taste.
  • Gutex-Curry 52:  Spices Mix.
  • Gutex-Ajo Perejil: Spices Mix.

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