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At SANCAN we make products that ensure the good taste, perfect preservation and presentation of your food product. Our customers value our service and trust us to supply the most suitable product for each need.

Since its foundation in 1969, we have based our products on food research, on its problems and on the best application of the seasoning, additive or any Functional ingredient to any food product.


In order to continue being a benchmark in the food condiments sector, SANCAN implemented in 2014 a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001, expanded in 2017 the management of Food Safety according to ISO 22000 with the purpose of ensuring, maintaining and improving the level of service to our customers.

If we have managed to get our customers to continue trusting us, it is because we give them added value to their product through advice and service that allows us to solve their needs.

Our quality system is based on the following points:


• We are focused on the satisfaction of our customers, adding value, giving the highest quality to our food condiments, always attending the requirements of our client. To do this, we use the minimum time necessary to produce and deliver orders, so that the customer can have their order as soon as possible.


• Our condiments are of high quality, comply with the applicable legal framework and solve the need from the most efficient seasonings and additives that, therefore, require small doses. Better quality and lower dosage result in better control and monitoring of food safety and safety.


•  We offer our workers and collaborators the opportunity to participate in the project, with stability, safety, and training in the promotion of the culture of quality and food safety.


• By applying continuous improvement, we want to go beyond compliance with both legal requirements and the expectations and requirements of our customers. In this sense, and within the framework of the Management Review, we establish the quality objectives of the company.


• The policy is communicated to all company personnel, as well as we review it annually within the framework of the Management Review.

Laura Sánchez

Manresa, december 2022