SANCAN S.L. established in 1969, SANCAN is producing functional ingredients for the food industry.

The solutions offered by SANCAN are aimed to provide our customers’ food products with authentic taste or flavour, perfect preservation and appetising appearance in terms of colour and texture.

Our clients regard SANCAN as a reliable laboratory to cooperate with when developing new products.


Back in 2014, in order to keep being a benchmark in the food seasonings sector, SANCAN implemented a Quality Management System according to ISO9001 standards..

In 2017, with the purpose to ensure, maintain and improve the level of service to our customers, the Quality Management System was extended to comprehend also Food Safety Management System based on ISO22000 standards.

We have kept a growing number of clients trusting SANCAN to solve their needs, and that is because we add value to their product through advice and service

Our Quality and Food Safety Management System is based on the following points:

- We are focused on the satisfaction of each of our customers, adding value, delivering the highest quality to our food condiments and meeting the requirements of clients at all times.

In order to do so, we use the minimum time necessary to place and deliver orders so that the customer can get their product as soon as possible.

- Our food solutions are high quality, comply with the applicable legal framework and do their job by using efficient ingredients in order to work with the minimum effective dose.

- We offer our workers and collaborators the opportunity to participate in the project, with stability, security and adequate training.

- Through continuous improvement, we aim to go beyond compliance with both legal requirements and customer’s requirements and expectations. 

So, within the framework of the management review, the quality goals and objectives of the company are set periodically.

- These Quality and Food Safety Management policies are reviewed and communicated to all company staff anually.