Clean Label

Since it is not a scientific term, there are many reasonable definitions of the meaning of Clean Label. We would rather say that it is the label -of a food product- that does not contain any E number nor alergens among the ingredients in the list. But it is always necessary to ensure and comply with food safety standards.

SANCAN provides food makers with the technical solutions to adapt their products to the Clean Label ideal; the optimal solution for every particular customer.

 Acesan 415

ACESAN consists of a mix of metabolized spices by means of natural fermentation. It performs as a preservative on any kind of vegetable food products. 

Polnat 707

POLNAT 707 is powdered vinegar, with a mild taste, for use in food products. It has a preservative effect. 

 Polnat 708

POLNAT 708 is a flavouring agent obtained by means of physical treatment of raw materials with antioxidant properties. 

  Polnat Color 808

POLNAT FARBE 808 is a vegetable concentrate, dark pink, which is used as a food colouring. It is soluble in water. 

 Polnat Protec 417

POLNAT PROTEC is a natural biological preservative ferment for all types of food and has a positive effect on the control of Listeria monocytogenes. 

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