Red Meat Dice (Moorish style) Pinchos morunos


Per every 1000gr. of product to be prepared.                

1034 MORUNO PIMENTON…………………40gr.


1. – The meat, pork or lamb front leg, must be taken out any external fat, nerve and tendons or sinews. Then cut it in dices of the desires size (usually 40mm) .

2. – Sprinkle the meat dice with the ingredient above mentioned and leave it on soaking casks or tumbler for 24 hours. It is advised to add some oil (5 to 15 gr per Kg of meat to be treated) to provide a nicer bright.

If in soaking cask, turn them after 12 hours; if in tumbler, program some brief tumbling every 6 hours.

4. – After that period, the final preparation: drive the meat dice in a stick, (usually one stick goes through 6 or 7 dices), and the product is ready for consumption or packing.

It can be prepared grilled or roasted.


The dose of product  1034 MORUNO PIMENTON can be previously dissolved in water, oil or wine before its application onto the surface of the meat dice.

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